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Dwain Briggs - Cming Summer 2004

Dwain BriggsFeatured Vocalist on Grammy nominated album, Solace,
Dwain Briggs has toured throughout the world performing at major spiritual events and at conferences for the United Church of Religious Science, the University of Metaphysics, the International New Thought Alliance, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Universal Light Workers conferences, the Wesak Festival in Mt. Shasta, Global Sciences, The World Congress on Illumination and The Global Interfaith Alliance.

He has shared the stage with some of the most esteemed authors of inspirational literature including Deepak Chopra. Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh, Gregg Braden, Louise Hay, Dennis Weaver, Alan Cohen and Wayne Dyer.

Due to the unique impact of his voice and music in opening the heart and creating a safe space, it has become an integral part of the Balanced Woman Seminars. His renditions of both traditional and contemporary sacred music as well as his own original compositions have often set the tone for ordinations and world peace conferences.

Along with performing concerts and at events such as these, he has been a guest soloist at over 400 churches and has produced three albums of his own including his latest, Echoes of a Modern God.

“My Words shall fall upon you like a gentle rain. ”

“I always call Dwain’s music ‘the sound of Heaven.’ "
Karen Schieb, Schieb Promotions, Houston, TX

"Empowering memories of our deepest love through rich melodies and timeless words; the feelings last long after the music ends.”

Gregg Braden
Best-selling author of The Isaiah Effect and Walking between the Worlds

“There are musical technicians and true artists. Dwain Briggs is an artist that sings from that spiritual dimension of the heart. His singing touches something deep in you because it originates from that which is deeply spiritual in him. In my forty years of full-time ministry, I have never seen a performer so consistently bring a sense of spiritual inspiration and sensitivity to an audience.”

Dr. Paul Leon Masters
Founder of the University Church Institute

“When Dwain came to our sanctuary to set-up and rehearse, I heard one of the most beautiful voices I have ever experienced in my whole life. I stood by the door so I could hear better and started to get teary-eyed. His singing was like hearing an angel from Heaven. Absolutely incredible!”

Mary O'Reilly Administrator, First Church of Religious Science, Las Vegas, NV

"There are a few musicians who embody their music and express it with every fiber of their Being. Dwain Briggs is such a musician. He sends his music straight to the soul, opening and lifting the energy of all who listen, hear and sense his inspiring music"

Rev. Sandhi Scott
Mastery of Life Center, Las Cruces, NM

"To be lifted up by this sensitive vocalist, writer, composer is to enter the temple of contemplative prayer. Healed, centered and renewed we can come back to our busy lives, bringing with us a sense of serenity and love that helps to heal all we touch. If you have the opportunity to purchase Dwain’s recently released CD you are truly blessed. If you have the opportunity to hear him sing you are twice blessed. Don’t miss him.”

Rev. Amaryllis Phillips
University Church Institute

“Quite Simply, a heavenly voice! ”

Michael Hoppe International recording artist and composer of Quiet Storms, The Yearning, The Poet, Homeland, The Unforgetting Heart and Grammy nominated,

Coming Summer of 2004

Listen to a sample of Dwain Briggs' music

In Your Presence
Higher States of Mind
Echoes of A Modern God
Sanctify This Love

Mind*Body*Spirit Connected-Greater Akron Chapter

Mind*Body*Spirit Connected

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I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light,
and of peace. When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
We are One.



Massage by Karen / Tranquil Transitions

Massage by Karen: Massage Therapy, Guided Imagery, and Stress Reduction.
Tranquil Transitions: Mind Body Coach for clients experiencing medical / surgical procedures and treatments in the traditional medical venue. Presentations/Lectures on topics of stress reduction, healing and caring for the caregivers. CEU Offering for Nurses.


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